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Aaron Bacon is a communications, design, marketing, and branding specialist.


Connecting Multiple Media Platforms for Brand Cohesion + Detangling Social Media Messes + Making Web Communications Systems Work Properly.


Graphic Design + Website Design + Social Media, + WordPress + Drupal + HTML/CSS + SCSS + PHP + Javascript (+JQuery)

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Aaron Bacon

Aaron considers it a great triumph that he never learned cursive handwriting. Even at age 8, he had an eye for avoiding wasteful activities and out-of-date communications technology. Today he helps clients connect with their audience by focusing on communications platforms that are technologically well designed and sustainable.

An avid surfer and ocean lifeguard, Aaron spends as much time as possible on the outermost part of Cape Cod.  All of the photos on this website were taken in the town of Truro, Massachusetts.


Based in Boston + Cape Cod
Phone: 413.282.8254
Email: axbacon(at)